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The 'Anti-Mentor' Mentoring Group

Imagine acquiring 10 new clients who are a perfect fit for your work and can elevate your social proof to a level that distinguishes you from the majority of online coaches. What if you could achieve this without resorting to cold direct messages to 200 individuals every day and without adopting an aggressive salesperson persona akin to ``The Wolf of Wall Street``?

Are you stuck in a rut with your online fitness business and unsure of which direction to take? Have you invested a significant amount of money on mentorships that did not achieve the desired results, or are you simply unable to afford such pricey investments? If you’re seeking a resource that provides substantial and actionable information to effectively establish and expand your business, look no further.

You don’t need to spend a large sum of money upfront or feel pressured to take out a credit card just to afford it. This mentoring Group is only £99 per month.

Why Join Us

Our Members Group is dedicated to helping coaches develop their skills in all aspects of online coaching. Our goal is to support you in building an online coaching business that you truly love, without ever feeling like a sleazy salesperson or an imposter during client calls or within your coaching practice.

We provide assistance in various areas related to online coaching, including social media, content creation, creativity, engagement, lead generation, sales calls, onboarding, programming, week-to-week coaching, systems, addressing client problems, achieving client results, and ensuring client retention.

You name it, we’re here to help. If it’s related to online coaching, consider us your go-to resource.

By joining our mentoring group, you’ll receive:

– Weekly live group calls that offer interactive learning opportunities
– Access to recorded sessions of every lesson so you can watch them again and again
– A thriving community forum for collaboration and support
– The assurance that you will recoup your investment by signing up for half of a client’s fee
– A 30-day sprint walkthrough that guides you on what to do in the initial month of the program.

…..only for £99 per month.

(Yes, you literally need to add 1 client to your business, and you’ll still be in profit – that’s how crazy the price is!)

Moreover, you’ll be surprised to know that our mentoring group only requires about 2 hours of your time each week. In those 2 hours, you will gain invaluable skills in areas that many other coaches tend to overlook.

Consider this:

Every week that you’re not a part of our group, the other coaches in the group are actively progressing and taking steps forward, dedicating just 2 hours a week to their own growth.

So, ask yourself: Is your business worth investing 2 hours a week in? The benefits and impact on your business and professional development will be worth every minute.

Here's what some of the coaches inside the group, who are spending 2 hours a week on their business, have said...

What would you say to someone thinking of joining the group who is worried it might be another rip * off?

This group has saved me, I was for packing coaching in after being ‘mentored’ charged 7 grand, told to buy fancy software, spice up my offer, not do CTAS because they are sleazy, post value in the form of wank with no personality, just fitting the mould not being myself on social media, I never had a doubt it was going to be a rip off, the free content is better than mentorships so Id be scared to see the 1-1,

P.S. Join the group, same way you tell your clients about confidence, join it if you dont feel confident in your business, its been a game changer

How does the members group compare to any other mentoring you have had before? *

I have a call with another mentor 3 days before I joined the group. They were recommended. They wanted £4000 up front. They offer Nothing compared to this group and that’s been confirmed by the person who recommended the other.

What would you say to someone thinking of joining the group who is worried it might be another rip * off?

It’s cheaper than any other option on the internet, with way more value than any of the high ticket ‘mentorships’ which offer loads, only push the top 2-3 ‘success stories’ and don’t help anyone else.

What would you say to someone thinking of joining the group who is worried it might be another rip off?

This is the best value for money, it leads to multiple clients if you implement the stuff on here which is a fraction of what it costs*.

Whats your 3 biggest takeaways from the group so far? *

Building a business online doesn’t have to be cold DMs and sleazy sales calls. The fun of coaching and social media doesn’t have to be sucked out of it with pressured consistent following downarabbut hole.

What would you say to someone thinking of joining the group who is worried it might be another rip off?

If you don’t yet want to invest in 1-2-1 mentoring this is the BEST and most cost effective group option out there that actually contains real, actionable information rather than just scripts or DM flows that make you sound exactly like every other coach on your mentorship. You’ll be encouraged to be yourself and let that shine through in your business and that will lead to results. The calls are gold & Mike and Dan are always on hand for support which is v unlike any other big mentorship.. It’s definitely not a rip off. It’s soothed my hatred of mentorships. *

Whats your biggest win from the group? *

Singed 15 clients from implementing real teachings from the group, not a ‘Money Mindset’ TM training from a “lab” getting proper results now and feeling more confident overall.

Let us show you a sneak peak of how our mentoring group looks like, complete with tons of trainings and recorded sessions for you to enjoy at your convenience.


Over the following weeks, you will delve deep into understanding your target market, making content creation easier, more authentic, and aligned with your own unique style.

We will cover all of our unique methods when it comes to using social media, stories, outreach, and the sales process so that your lead generation starts to build momentum with your “perfect fit” clients.

But our support doesn’t end there. We also provide guidance on coaching techniques, onboarding procedures, establishing a weekly schedule, and enhancing client retention. We are here to address any specific questions or challenges you may encounter.

So join us, we aren’t going to get you onto a call, pressure you, ask you to get the credit card ready, or send someone around your house to rough you up!

(with no minimum subscription, so if you want it, go for it)

The only thing that we ask of you is that you implement it, we have a no-non-usage policy.

Meaning that we simply don’t just want to take people’s money if they aren’t implementing (how many mentors will you hear that from)

If you don’t use it, we remove you.

Because we want you to be surrounded by the best coaches, who are dedicated to improving the standard of the industry and are dedicated to themselves

(Not a bunch of coaches looking for a quick buck and the next hack)

So if your business is worth investing £99 a month on, and you want to drive your business forward…

We’ll see you inside